Oman Energy & Water

Oman’s utilities sector is expanding as a result of the growing demand for energy and water resulting from rapid urban and industrial expansion, a fast-growing population, and a change in modern lifestyle.
The Public Authority for Electricity and Water (PAEW) is committed to providing potable water to all residents, with the objective of supplying piped water to more than 95% of the population within the next two decades. 

With the rapid and continuous growth of water demand (almost 15% increase on average per year), as a result of the robust economic and demographic growth in Oman, $390 million is forecasted to be spent every year on development projects.

The sector’s growth, as evidenced by the rising number of independent water and power plants (IWPPs) and IPPs, is due to the country’s investor-friendly laws and policies, the deregulation of laws, liberalisation and unbundling since 2004, the privatization of power and water facilities, theencouragement of international and private participation and investment, the upgrading of infrastructure facilities and sufficient natural resources.

Oman Energy & Water is a showcase for the Sultanate’s major multi-million power and water projects and will support the government’s long-term energy and water infrastructure plan, attract public, private and foreign investment, and present business opportunities in order to fulfill the rising demand for these resources.