Middle East Rail

Currently in the GCC, there are a handful of operational rail lines. However, in the next decade almost every major city will host a state of the art metro and each country will have a functioning national rail network. Expansion on this scale, in this time span has never been seen before and the rich opportunities for innovation are attracting attention from across the globe.
The region has a virtually blank canvas to build the world’s most advanced passenger and freight transport systems. 

Such immense, planned investment is driven by congested urban roads, increasing populations, a greater appreciation for rail as a sustainable means of transport and a wish to propel the economic development of the region.

The size and scale of railway development projects is vast and there are good opportunities for UK companies with international rail capability throughout the supply chain. With our strong heritage in the rail sector, affiliated UK products and services are generally viewed in very high regard throughout the Middle East.

As the largest exhibition and conference for rail and metro in the region, it attracts operators and stakeholders from throughout the GCC and North Africa.