Testimonials - a selection

We certainly made an impression at ME Rail this year.  The Great branding was good – the business lounge worked well, exhibitors were happy and we need to keep up the momentum in order take advantage  of the many Rail and Metro opportunities in the UAE and wider region.

Thank you for your help in delivering a successful event.

Karen Williams, Deputy Director UK Trade and Investment 2014

I just wanted to say a personal thank you for your professional services and support to us at the ME Rail Show. We all felt our UK pavilion was excellent and enhanced the visibility of our companies and I look forward to meeting you again in the future.

Bob Linn, Infrastructure Specialist, High Value Opportunities (HVO) Programme, UK Trade & Investment

One of the contacts that we met at the show as a result of your introduction has spent £150,000 with us so far and we are working on another order worth £60,000 - you could say it was a success and I would like to thank you and your company whose approach to us in the first place and subsequent hard work made it all possible.

I would very much appreciate it if you could keep us informed of any other events that your company is receiving funding for on a similar basis to TIB and of particular interest would be Turkey, Poland and Russia. Just to remind you we operate in the materials handling market and manufacture conveyors, belt and roller types for warehousing and distribution also post and parcel industries.

Thanks again for your support and I look forward to hearing from you

Ian Bytheway – Conveyor Units

The MSV exhibition was well organised and well attended. We had expected a smaller show but found the exhibition to be quite inclusive and therefore it attracted a good level of attendance. Apart from Czech customers there were many visitors from Slovakia and Poland.

We had around forty five visitors to our stand of these after qualification twenty seven are serious enquiries, five of which are “hot”. We regard this as a good return on investment. There is a potential for hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of business for Unison from this show and we made contact with some important customers in our key markets.

All the members of staff from Intec that I had contact with performed excellently; Andrew Blake in selling us the concept and Charlotte Rogers in the execution of all the logistics were in particular very helpful.

Our interpreter Monika was very helpful not only with interpretation but with the show set up, our day to day needs and local knowledge. A delight to work with this lady; 10 out of 10.

Steve Haddrell – Unison

Our experience was first rate. In terms of the exhibition itself, I have never in the past 14 years of working in international business seen so many attendees at an exhibition. I mean we had to beat them off with a stick. We encountered wave after wave of farmers interested in our products, grabbing our marketing material. In hindsight my colleague and I held the view that if we had taken product to sell, we’d have easily sold out, sadly we didn’t, but perhaps next time we will.

To summarise however this exhibition totally matches Britax’ profile in terms of our target market and exceeded expectation. Intec organisation – 1st rate, details schedules were provided by Charlotte in a timely manner, a list of attendees & translation of a Britax invite letter was promptly provided in good time for the show. Organising the minibus in the morning to and in the evening from the event was great.  I very quickly realised that after our explanation of the products our interpreter Magda was actually ‘selling’ the products. This meant an interpreter and an additional sales function all in one and an excellent sales ability was present to seen. I cannot thank Magda enough for what she did for us. I have never seen anyone have so many people eating out of her hand so speak, at times Martyn and I with likely 40+ years of experience between us felt a little redundant.

Geoff Lethbridge  - Britax PMG

Intec organisation was very good and the quality of the UK pavilion was excellent. The use of the Great branding on the shell scheme worked very well and really stood out. The business lounge worked well and we had good interaction with suppliers and clients. Overall very positive…. Intec did an excellent job.

Jake Rudham, Rail Specialist, UK Trade & Investment 2014

I was very impressed by the overall organisation, the pre show information was excellent and the support at the show impeccable.  I would like to pass my thanks directly to Charlotte Rogers, (hence the cc)  for her help and support throughout the time in Sofia, she is quite an asset and nothing was too difficult or mundane.  Thank you very much Charlotte you’re a star.

My designated Interpreter was amazing, but so were all of the others from what I can gather

From what I witnessed at the Embassy, the meetings with the Ambassador and the Embassy staff visiting the show would be one of our most pro-active Embassy’s in Europe if not globally.  They are very forward thinking and obviously do a tremendous amount of networking for British businesses and having the ability to use the premises and services I believe will be a great help moving forward.  Something for us Brits to be proud of..

If this is the standard of the Intec involvement in trade missions then please keep me informed of others you may be doing.  I would do the April one but am booked elsewhere.  A very good overall experience.  Thanks again.

Chris Norton - Future Fibre Technologies Pty Ltd

I would just like to thank you for all your hard work during MSPO and in particular, dealing with all my emails before our arrival. It is the first time that MCL has taken part in an exhibition outside of the UK and for us, we believe it was thoroughly worthwhile.

Your organisation and arrangements were second to none and to be honest, we have no complaints. Our stand was perfectly placed for us and it was very advantageous to have been located opposite the UKTI who also did us proud. The workers who were on site on Sunday were only too willing to help us with any changes and the interpreters were excellent of course.

Mark Harbin - C4ISTAR & Sensors

The exhibition was very well organised and certainly very useful for any company relating in any way to the construction industry. We had not previously traded much in Oman and feel that we have established some valuable contacts. 

Instructions prior to the event were clear and concise. The Logistics overview that was sent prior to departure was extremely helpful and I had no concerns at all about the itinerary. I had a number of questions leading up to the exhibition which were answered swiftly and efficiently. I got all the answers I needed. Kasia Uszalewska and Charlotte Rogers were very helpful. When we arrived in Muscat, we were met by Guy Rogers who gave us all the information we needed to prepare for the exhibition.

He was at hand throughout the exhibition for any help or advice needed. The organisation at the exhibition centre was good. Our stands were set up with our name, badges were prepared and ready as soon as we arrived at the centre. The exhibition centre staff were exceptional. I found Jenitha Martin and her team extremely helpful and they were at hand throughout the exhibition to help with any queries. (We used our own freight forwarder for our exhibition materials, the consignment went missing and they went out of their way to help me locate it even though we hadn't used their nominated forwarder. They also helped print some documents for me)

The Embassy reception was a really good opportunity to meet with the UKTI team and there were local businessmen there who were interested in all the UK companies attending the exhibition. A very well run event which proved to be a great experience for myself and White House Products. Thank you to all involved in the organisation of the event.

Charlotte Taylor - White House Products Ltd

This was the second year for Coote Engineering Ltd to take part in this exhibition, my first personally. I have to be honest and say that I was very cautious in my goals for this exhibition but I am pleased to say that the outcome was very positive. 

I felt the quality of enquiry was quite good and the business potential was promising. With regard to the hotel and other issues for Intec, I was very pleased. Your representative, Guy Rogers, carried out his duties with a professional manner and at all times was available should the need have required. I would anticipate our involvement again at this show as the future potential for business in Oman is very positive for Coote Engineering.

Tony McArdle – Coote Engineering

We were genuinely impressed by the scale of the exhibition and the number on Polish and foreign suppliers involved. The British contingent organised through Intec were in the busiest hall by far with obvious advantages. We found the Intec staff and embassy staff to be highly professional and through their help were able to establish contact with a PKP board member with the resulting promise of a trial before Christmas. 

This in our mind was the best possible outcome from the exhibition as we currently have no presence in the Polish market. The Interpreters were outstanding!! 

We could not believe the enthusiasm, positivity and ability to grasp the rudiments of our product.

In addition we are hoping to set up a partnership to supply into Poland with a company owned by the father of our interpreter. Another huge bonus.

We came to Poland with some trepidation, fearful that it could lead to nothing. Our expectations have been surpassed beyond measure and this has been due to the professional and enthusiastic approach shown by all companies involved. We congratulate you on a great job. Additionally it was a lot of fun!

Tony Whittingham – QHI Rail

This proved to be an exceptionally successful exhibition for us. Sold the machine from the stand and re-vitalised our local dealer. Everything worked smoothly, although it would help if Guy would improve his Polish menu knowledge beyond the pigs knee, but he made the whole experience completely effortless for us, which means that Intec must have put in a lot of effort to make it seem that way. 

We were fortunate to have Ilona who not only was an aesthetic asset to our stand, but who also very quickly mastered the technical details of our equipment. From the second day she could talk to visitors with knowledge and conviction. She approached visitors on her own initiative and generally was very helpful

We are getting used to the luxury of letting Intec do the hard work for our far flung exhibitions. Please keep us informed of future shows you are involved with.

Harry M Jurgens   - AFT Trenchers Ltd

There is definitely a market for Cabletec in Poland and we have had some very positive discussions with potential partners. The organization of the show was very well done, flights, accommodation, bus travel etc could not be faulted. Staff were there for any questions or help that was required.

Interpreter – Kamil Czapiewski, was fantastic !! Kamil was fast and keen to learn about the products, his translation was excellent and had all round professionalism. Cabletec are considering Kamil as a commission agent for the Leads picked up in this Trako Expo. Dependant on his success and keenness to promote our products, Cabletec would consider a position for him in Poland.

Richard Auty - Cabletec ICS Ltd

It was great to meet you in Poland and I look forward to participating in future events Intec maybe supporting. The Expo was extremely valuable to us in the information we gleaned and the people we met. The potential for us in Poland is very bright, particularly in the refurbishment arena.

The overall organisation through Intec and staff performance was very good and extremely professional. Our interpreter Monica was very professional and had a good attitude. She spoke superb English and was very friendly to those visiting our stand.

My colleague and I were very impressed with the organisation, the quality of the show and the people attending. All in all a very productive few days spent in Poland!

Graham S Leach - Parker Hannifin Ltd

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