Privacy Policy

Intec Export Intelligence Ltd (Intec) is based in the United Kingdom and helps British companies expand into countries with the greatest growth potential through market research and by organising their full participation in UK Pavilions at international trade shows. We work directly with the Department for International Trade (DIT, UK Government) and also as a delivery partner for official Trade Challenge Partners such as British Water, the Railway Industry Association and the Engineering Industries Association.

This privacy policy outlines what data we hold about your company and how we use it.

We take your privacy seriously and will only use your contact information to administer your account, to provide the products and services you have requested from us, or that we feel could be useful to your participation at the event.


We research information on the Internet to identify companies who we think might benefit from our services and from available government funding. We then inform them about these opportunities by telephone. Once they have signed the order form to participate in a UK Pavilion at an event, Intec holds the company address, e-mail and telephone number on a database in order to communicate with them about it. We may then ask for various other pieces of information to ensure that we can provide the services to them which we are contracted for and to ensure their participation at the event goes smoothly.

These are listed below:

Sending names, e-mail addresses and company details to Trade Associations for Government grants

Sending names and passport details for booking flights to our Flight Agent, Statesman Travel (date of birth included in passport details)

Sending names related to hotel bookings to our nominated hotel

Sending names and photos of delegates (necessary for some exhibitions) and job titles to the Exhibition Organiser related to Exhibitor badges

Sending names and e-mail addresses to the Exhibition Organiser for entry into the show catalogue and for marketing purposes to potential visitors to the event

Sending names and sometimes passport details (if required) to British Embassies related to Embassy receptions

We sometimes share your business contact details with our preferred suppliers, Reggie London (marketing) and Aztec International (freight forwarding) who may contact you about their services

We provide contact lists for you to use to generate interest and encourage visitors to attend the event you are participating in; this information is researched from

Internet sources in the public domain

We use some on-line forms to ask you for your requirements for travel itineraries etc. We will send you a Requirements Questionnaire and an Exhibitor Badge form via the ‘Jot Form’ process. There will be a link to this privacy statement on those forms and explanations as to how we will use any information you give us.

Prior to the show, you will get a final Logistics Overview where your name will feature on lists for flights, transfers and hotels (if you have booked these with us). These will be shared with all delegates, but we feel that this is important, so that you can check that the details we have are correct.

Your details are held in MS Excel documents on Dropbox in the cloud. All communication takes place via e-mail.

Data clean up:

After each event (within 30 days), our Customer Services team will complete a ‘data clean up’ whereby all passport numbers and dates of birth are removed from e-mails and any logistics documents. Names and mobile numbers will be retained on our database in case we need to contact you about future opportunities.

It is our policy to use ‘blind copy’ when we e-mail customers, so business e-mails are not shared with others. It is also our policy to delete any financial information (such as credit card details) as soon as the authorised payment has taken place.

How to contact us:

You are welcome to adapt our communication with you at any time by contacting our registered office on 01444 220971 or by e-mail to

This privacy notice will be reviewed annually.


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