Defence & Security Poland

This includes a new missile-defence system, new ships for the navy, upgraded tanks, military training aircraft including helicopters, unmanned aerial vehicles and better equipment for ground troops.

Public security and crime reduction are also key government priorities and the public sector continues to be one of the largest buyers of security products. The security market in Poland is predicted to be worth £2.5bn annually by 2015.

Poland has the EU’s longest external border so strengthening public services responsible for border control is one of the Polish government’s major objectives. There are few local companies producing sophisticated electronic equipment and most are mainly imported and the UK has a strong reputation for quality.

There’s a need for companies with expertise in security technologies: for cities and municipal transport, airport and railway security systems as well as intelligent building systems, access control and bio-metric and chip technologies.

Expertise is also required in the integration of complex monitoring systems across a range of infrastructure systems including road safety, business security, border control: and electronic security equipment

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